Savor the Unexpected

A Taste of Harbor Country

At Goldberry Woods Farm, each flavor tells a story about Harbor Country. This sandy soil takes some coaxing and cajoling to produce sun-warmed juicy sweetness. Organic vegetables trace the journey from heirloom seed, to greenhouse, to mature plant on the farm. Orchard fruit blossom and ripen on branches a stone’s throw from your windows. Sweet snacks are expertly baked each day from family recipes, and wine features grape varieties picked down the lane. It's a heady 360-degree culinary experience with a curtsy to the land, traditions and biodiversity that surround us. When you depart, you leave with your own, delicious story to tell.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  We aspire to inspire you with every bite of our Farm-to-Table breakfasts. We make everything from scratch and strive to use the freshest ingredients possible, many grown right on the premises and picked fresh that morning.  

Dietary restrictions? Just let us know and we’re happy to accommodate.


Wine and Snacks

Meet other guests in the living room for evening snacks and conversation--or grab a glass a wine and head out for an intimate stroll.  The choice is yours!


All Day Delights

A long day of kayaking, hiking or exploring Habor Country can work up an appetite. At Goldberry Woods, savor delicious snacks throughout the day, from fresh-baked sweets to fruit grown in our orchard. 



The area surrounding Goldberry Woods is home to amazing restaurants, from fine dining to counter service takeaway. Local chefs and foodies have leveraged local, organic ingredients, cultural traditions and a dedication to service. More options abound than one guest could experience in a weekend—but every choice is a great one!

Bespoke House
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